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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
But there is nothing intrinsically 80s or 90s about the TMNT, even in Mirage. What is the benefit of making a new movie in either era vs. now? Do we just really not want to see April whip out a cell phone? Or the Turtles having a tube TV in the lair instead of an LED screen? What's the real benefit, beyond "I'm a super old fan and those are the years most important to me"? If anything, the Turtles and Splinter having internet access helps address things that otherwise didn't make sense before. I mean, they're just a few YouTube videos away from learning how to forge their own weapons... but before? Ehh....
Originally Posted by Slap-Happy View Post
Totally unnecessary. If anything, the themes and characters become more relevant, and the conflict deepens as society advances. Taking them back to the 80s serves no purpose other than to pander to fans.
Agree with all of this. Why relegate the TMNT to being stuck in the 80s? Is Batman stuck in the 40s? Is Spider-Man stuck in the 60s? No

Originally Posted by NYShell View Post
I've always thought about this. I feel TMNT has a strong connection to the 80's/90's era, and not just in a nostalgic sense. A modern setting doesn't necessarily mean that it will have a better connection or be more relatable to the current audience.
What about the TMNT is inherently late 80s/early 90s? I don't see anything holding them to that era
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