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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
But there is nothing intrinsically 80s or 90s about the TMNT, even in Mirage. What is the benefit of making a new movie in either era vs. now? Do we just really not want to see April whip out a cell phone? Or the Turtles having a tube TV in the lair instead of an LED screen? What's the real benefit, beyond "I'm a super old fan and those are the years most important to me"? If anything, the Turtles and Splinter having internet access helps address things that otherwise didn't make sense before. I mean, they're just a few YouTube videos away from learning how to forge their own weapons... but before? Ehh....
I came here to post about how much I'd love a period piece, but you make some great points about current technology and how it can smooth over a lot of plot holes. I love the idea of the turtles using youtube to learn and acclimate themselves.

I think what attracts me to a period piece is the general aesthetic, the culture and for me, an added element of escapism. Sometimes it's just nice to leave the modern world for a bit, and sometimes you just like the idea of seeing turtles sneak around a 1980's New York City. Since movies are a visual medium, I don't see much else reason needed.
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