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Archie Likely Cancelling Sonic The Hedgehog

I just spoke with Lisa at subscriptions at Archie (914-381-5155). I told her I was considering subscribing to Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe, but that I cannot seem to subscribe to them on their site. She said that right now, "until they have more information," they are not taking anymore subscriptions. I then asked if this meant the possibility of those titles getting cancelled, and she said yes. I asked what would be the final issue to then hit stores would be, and she said "I believe...290." (I forgot to ask about Sonic Universe and the final Megadrive issue, "Overdrive," and forgot to ask about resolving storylines and whatnot). And of course, I mentioned that a lot of fans are showing concern and would like to know what's going on, to which she said "Archie will be providing more information as it comes." That was it.

Trust me, letting you all know this doesn't come easy for me, and please don't shoot the messenger--this is just information that I was told when I called just now.

With my profession comes the delivery of bad news. Of course, that's with the death of a person, so it's different.

As for this, it's just super sad and I'm certainly bummed. I grew up with this book; and it won a Guinness World Record of being the longest comic of a video game character. Just last week I was organizing my collection and finishing up reading the end of the Shattered World Crisis. While thumbing through old issues, I was reflecting on how the book had changed pre-reboot and post. It wasn't perfect but it kept me and the fans engaged.

But Penders-bashing aside, I can't help but feel a sour taste in my mouth. I met him 10 years ago at SDCC, he was nice, I bought a signed copy of Sonic Firsts from him, and we snapped a picture together (he looked way different back then). But was it truly worth it to him to cause so much drama and derail his life to set off a chain of dominos that would lead to the book's cancellation for the sake of continuing a story that was (essentially) irrelevant?

We'll all get over this books cancellation, but it seems like he will just cling to this drama forever.

I definitely feel bad for Ian, Vin, and all the artists though.
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