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Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
Here's a promo

What? how is Nickelodeon Kids Choice still a thing? It was a blatant copy of the MTV Awards and now not even MTVs awards are relevant anymore.

And? BandiCam? What is this 2005 YouTube?

Originally Posted by matteso586 View Post
1) Since April is once again portrayed as a teenager, think that she'll work at Channel 6 News for an after school job?
A Teen April should take advantage of her being a flippin' teen. 2012 screwed it up and I hope this show doesn't give her a job she's a teenager. They need to take advantage of the High School setting. You can hint her future professions by either having her be interested in Science, (Professor Stockman?) or work in the school news paper as a reporter.

Originally Posted by Leonardo2003 View Post
April is confirmed to work at a pizza shop.
God dammit
actually it could work if it's an after school half time job and we see her in school.
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