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The TMNT Mirage Continuity Timeline (complete?)

The Mirage Comics continuity timeline has MOVED!

As mentioned a bit back, the timeline became so massive that it actually exceeded the character limit for this post. As such, I moved it to my site, TMNT Entity, and gave it a facelift. It is now purdier than ever!

So far as discussion goes, I'd prefer it if we kept it to this thread and not the comments section of my site. I say this not because I don't want your feedback there, but because discussion of this sort of thing is a LOT easier via a forum than via blog comments. It would just be easier for everyone, this way.

And last but not least, a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE in this thread who has helped with this project. Three years and counting and it just gets bigger and better. I appreciate all the help and feedback you guys have been giving me and look forward to more in the future. Fresh observations regarding placement seem to be made all the time, so who knows how long it will be before this timeline is "perfect".

But rest assured, it get a little closer every day.
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