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Yeah. Jesus Christ, what were those people smoking over there? I'm amazed the 4Kids show didn't turn to crap way before it did.

I've always been upfront, I didn't like most of what Laird did by himself on TMNT. I thought his writing style is too bland for what most people expect TMNT comics to be like, in general. I still feel that way about much of it.

But damn it, I definitely respect him for being the only person who ever handled the franchise who WASN'T okay with "rubber-stamping" it for whatever stupid gag came to mind.

Guy really was the Only Sane Man in the room the whole entire time, the only one who ever tried to put any integrity into this damn franchise and not just say, "Well, c'mon... it's STUPID, so let's Get Stupid!"

Now there's nobody. Not one damn person with any power at all saying "Y'know... maybe we don't HAVE to be stupid?"

Dead Franchise is Dead.

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I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

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