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So, 2018 is only about slightly over a month away now... feels like 2017 started just yesterday, doesn't it? Yet, it's reaching its end already. Yep, time flies.

I know there's still Christmas left for the year to be done, but you don't have to reply to this thread already. There is no time limit.

Well, 2017 has mostly felt like the fallout of 2016. It's been a quite uneventful year on a personal level thus far. I barely remember what I did during Winter and Spring this year. It's been a quite hot year, though. Maximum temperatures reached very high levels here from June to October. Makes me wonder what will happen to the climate and the environment in the future.

What do you expect for 2018? Good things or just more of the same? I dunno what to expect. Life can be unpredictable at times, so I won't bother with personal predictions or anything. As far other things... I wonder what new stuff will come out on the Switch and if I'll be able to buy one in mid-late 2018. 2018 will also have the World Cup again. That's always an exciting time.

The decade is getting closer to the end, as you can see. And we're closer to 2030 than to 2000. Imagine that!
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