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After a big bummer with Elite Foot masks (had to fully depaint all 6 and haven't re-started yet) I'm on a painting hiatus but I thought you'd like to know about this:

Originally Posted by Kevin G. Wilson (on faceebook)
My hope is to have the first few print runs of Cityfall contain 4 replacement door tokens (with open sides) and a replacement Stealth Suit card for April with the revised cost of 2 Focus. Might even be able to include a couple arrow stickers for the rails on the maps. This is all still up in the air, though. Costs will have to be analyzed and such. As for when, it'll be awhile still. I'm not finished with the design yet, so it's at least still 4-6 months out.
Stickers to be put on game rulebook, boards and cards have also been suggested. I think this would save production costs and allow to invest money in more/better components.
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