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That's a great list of games, even if not as plentiful, it's cheaper than getting them on Virtual Console, not only are they all big hits, no padding with smaller games like "Pilotwings" that the NES Classic had but it has games that have never been included in the VC like Star Fox, the never released ever in any shape or form Star Fox 2, Yoshi's Island.

So for many years I got called an idiot for saying that there was no evidence that Nintendo couldn't release the games because they didn't have the rights of the SFX chip but while there has to be something going on, I knew Nintendo wasn't holding back just because of some licensing issues. Fandoms love to create stories about why a certain product can't be produced and then they believe it as fact when there is no evidence. Same thing happened with Earthbound, surely there was something holding it back but it's something we won't ever know and not the speculated reason and nothing is impossible.

Even with less games and at 80 bucks it will sell out like the NES classic, could it have less demand? Sure but there's enough people out there to make this unavailable until Nintendo stops producing them.
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