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Bobby, hope I'm allowed to ask these:

1. Have you ever in your dreams considered asking someone like Grant Morrison, Gerard Way, or Frank Miller to write a story/short story for IDW TMNT? Is it just so clearly out of the question or possibly budget for you to have bothered considering it? I guess I'm being sort of specific while also asking generally. (Bill Sienkiewicz was sort of along these lines, in my mind, btw)

2. Do you know anything about the Mirage TMNT Cover-page collection hardcover that kept getting pushed back? To be clear, the book that was going to collect a bunch of the old school Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman covers into an oversized hardcover. I can't seem to find it online anymore and am wondering if it was cancelled.

3. Nate from IDW Limited recently came by to ask if there were any particular, future products we'd like to see. So I was just wondering, is there any type of special edition collection you've always wanted to see for IDW TMNT?

4. And just to throw you a curveball - What's one fact about IDW TMNT that would possibly surprise fans?

If you can't answer these, or need to come back to some later, I understand. Thanks for your time, once again!

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