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As I hadn't been lurking the boards in the past few months, I didn't hear about this release until a week or so ago. Luckily enough, I did some hunting on Friday afternoon and managed to procure one of these at a nearby TRU. Much gratitude to those mentioning TRU earlier in the thread, as I probably wouldn't have even thought of looking there without the suggestion.

I gotta say I really dig the packaging. I wouldn't want "unshelfable" packaging for a ton of my media purchases, but for my favorite properties like TMNT, I'm all about it. It looks nice sitting on top of my DVD tower (pic spoiler tagged below).

I'm not too worried about disc damage, as I'll most likely end up ripping the discs to my media drive and streaming to my PS3 when I want to watch them. Though if I were to go on a series marathon viewing via the physical discs, I think this leads to a much cleaner experience (at least in theory). You can just set this collection next to your player, pop the top off, and switch from one disc to another and you play through them, as opposed to having a sizable stack of conventional disc cases.

While I am disappointed about the lack of new content in this set and the episode order not being corrected, I'm ultimately happy to own it.

Oh, and I definitely took the van for a drive around the the living room floor while singing the theme song.

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