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Well Elmyra was the only character from the show to be included in "IGN's Top Cartoon Characters from the 90s", but that's just IGN.

I mean it's weird enough that a majority of the cast of characters from the original Animaniacs are not going to be in the reboot. I don't see them getting away with that with Tiny Toons since the cast of characters were what made the original show memorable. I'd argue more so than most of the cast of Animaniacs. You weren't just watching it for Buster and Babs or Plucky, you'd watch it for Hampton, Elmyra, Montana Max, Furball, Sweetie, Sneezer, Little Beeper, Calamity, etc.

I have a feeling if there's enough demand, some characters from Animaniacs like Slappy, Mindy and Buttons, will eventually get added in a later season if the show lasts long. I'm not sure if the new Animaniacs will be able to pull off keeping the original characters away from the show but I don't think Tiny Toons will be able to pull that off well.

Since Plucky and Hampton's original voice actors have passed, I'm sure they could easily find replacements. Anyone that can do a good Daffy or Porky voice could easily fit the roles. Maybe Eric Bauza or Billy West as them respectively.
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