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Well here's a three page update.

And please leave some comments you guys, it takes me so much time to work on these and it's rewarding to see when people like what I'm doing.

Well, I guess this is it, Baxter Stockman is dead and Yarruhk declares herself her own woman. But she knows that she can't take on the Kraang alone.

A side note, how many of you know who Marcel Dassault was and what the significance was in me using his name here?

In the meantime, here's a treat for all you fans of the 2003 series, it's Casey Jones' buddy Angel and she's not the only character from a different TMNT incarnation to make their entry into this story as the next page shall reveal.

Here's the Purple Dragons from the "Rise" series, well with the canon Purple Dragons out of the picture, somebody had to step in and take their place.

Now, honor to those who deserve it, the Rise-Dragons are actually quite formidable... IF they get a chance.

Time for the next reveal here...

Remember back in page 109 when Konami saw the shield that Chris Bradford used in his "Commander USA" movie? Well here's what that inspired her to do.

It was my intention to have her become the new Commander USA but seeing as how she's Japanese, it wouldn't have fit her character, so I changed her suit and shield to incorporate the Japanese flag.

And with that I introduce my version of yet another TMNT character who never appeared in the 2012 series, Nobody.
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