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I think 'vision' is too generous a word to describe what Platinum Dunes had planned for their previous two TMNT movies.

I'm something of a traditionalist when it comes to TMNT so I prefer them to look and have a story faithful to the original but if someone came along with a really good vision of how to re-imagine the property to make it successful in movie form then I wouldn't turn my nose up at it.

Thing is no one involved in those previous two movies had a vision. They started with the (wrong) idea that this was a new version so they had to reinvent it; they just had no clue what they were reinventing it into hence why we got so many re-writes and re-shoots even before Bay saw the first cut and thought it was garbage.

The only real vision they had I think was visual and the idea they were going to ape large parts of other comic book blockbusters most notably The Amazing Spider-Man and the The Avengers with the sequel. I can sorta understand that...there's been many times I've been watching a movie and thinking 'wow I'd love to see something like that done with the turtles' whether it a particular action scene, tone or even plot. I just don't think PD knew how to emulate a big action blockbuster. Remember these guys had previously only produced low grade horror remakes.

I hope it's a sequel to the awesome Bay Platinum Dunes Ninja Turtle movies, we need a third one.
That was a neat way to promote your blog post that the Platinum Dunes movies are good actually but they're really not. Now I do think that when we get these new movies we may actually think they were better in comparison but let's not go crazy and start saying they were good.
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