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I was always pretty fond of the old show when I was in preschool, but my parents banned me from watching it after an episode or two, and a year or two later the old cartoon was taken off the air. To this day my strongest memory of the 87 series is one of the turtles (I suppose Raphael?) shouting angrily at the other turtles to not trust the Shredder, because "he was the one who turned Splinter into a rat!" (And then running off? I can't remember properly anymore)

I seem to also remember some kind of computer or a crushing conveyor belt, but that may have been from a separate episode.

But I've been trying to catch up on the old 80s series, and I never see any of the turtles get angry or angsty, they just throw around puns and Shredder is usually pretty up-front about wanting to kill the Turtles, there's no deception about wanting to help them or convince them to trust him.

Any ideas which episode it came from?
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