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I had a Wii U since it launched and I regret it to this day, that's not to say it didn't have great content, it did but it's now most of it on the Switch in one way or another. In a way it really is a beta Switch and because of the uniqueness of the console, how little it sold, having great content, the hardware etc it'll become an expensive cult classic in a few years so if you want one better get one now.

Yes you can play games on your tablet controller but because it's streaming from the console and not doing any computing that means you have to be in the same room and that's hella annoying, I remember walking to the kitchen right next to the living room after getting it and had already lost connection, I really expected more. Because of that you also can't use the Wii U youtube/netflix apps while playing another game, your tv would need a separate netflix/youtube app to take advantage of watching netflix while playing the Wii U.

You can connect up to 8 controllers but maybe more, you can connect a wii remote which means all the Wii controllers are also compatible, there's an official adapter for gamecube ports so any gamecube controllers are also compatible, the Wii U pro controller and tons of third party bluetooth controllers also supported so there's plenty of options. All wireless like on the Wii (slightly easier) unless you're using the gamecube adapter which of course will have cords (unless you use a wavebird).
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