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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I do love Fosco's style. But, in all fairness, I thought the worst looking page in Image finale was the full page splash done by Fosco... I actually assumed it was Arsenjy and called it "fan art-y". Oops!
That's because it wasn't truly Fosco's work. Frank did a rough sketch for that page, & then Arseniy took a bunch of creative liberties in inking/recreating it.
Same for the splash in the other book. Frank is given sole credit for both, but he just loosely penciled them. Hell, I did a bunch of layouts for #24 I didn't get credit for. I guess the intro pages weren't quite right.

Original Fosco pencils rough sketch-

Arseniy's inked version-

Arseniy puts his own style on things quite excessively. His linework is much thicker & less tight than Franks.
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