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I won't be getting this nor did I get the recently released complete series because they released them after I had chronologically purchased each DVD they released over the years so I already have the complete series on DVD, maybe I would have got the complete series Turtle Van box set but from what I've heard they're the same exact discs and not in order so why bother?

Why is everyone complaining about the artwork for this release? The show has been off the air for 17 years, do you really think they're gonna come up with something totally new? Sure it's a replica of the artwork on the "Hot Rodding Teenagers" VHS, but it is still way better than any of the artwork they used for previous DVDs. On this DVD cover they actually look like the OT Turtles because they took it straight from the vintage VHS artwork. This is what they should of done in the first place instead of using 2K3 art for OT DVDs. I would have preferred they use the exact same VHS artwork for all the DVDs there was so much potential. The original VHS artwork was awesome.

On the first DVD they released, the artwork is pretty good like it's drawn to represent the OT, the turtles look like the toon turtles the background is very OT, and on the back it has Splinter looking just as he does in the OT, and it's based on a scene in the first season. I never understood why after the first DVD they started using the 2K3 art.
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