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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
For reference, is the idea that the post-OMD Peter and MJ being under demonic influence from the comics themselves, or a reader's theory?
It's sort of a theory that has had canonical solidification in snippets from interviews and the main books. Based off interviews with JMS about his meetings with Quesada (the infamous "it's magic, we don't have to explain it" comes from them) what MJ says to Peter before the deal takes effect in OMD ("No matter what he does to us, we'll find a way to be together"), and recent stuff in Spider-Man/Deadpool (Peter no longer remembers Mephisto, but Mephisto taunts that he is responsible for the ultimate fall)

And I can verify the "Book of Peter", the story where Peter meets the One-Above-All and is assured of his future with MJ and their kids, takes place during Civil War and prior to OMD.

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