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Harry and Liz stayed together until Harry died in the 1990s. He remained dead for well over a decade.

After OMD, his death was retconned and it was revealed he had actually survived and was put into hiding by Norman Osborn and Mysterio. Harry married a couple of more times and then returned to New York where he had another child with the villain known as Menace. He and Liz still get along, even if Harry works for Peter and Liz is constantly trying to sabotage Parker Industries.

She's kind of turned into a bit of a b*tch sadly.

In MC2, Harry and Liz's son Normie predictably became the next Green Goblin, and Liz died from an illness shortly after Mayday first became Spider-Girl (Liz had remarried by this point to her then-90s love interest Foggy Nelson)

Harry's revival is another one of those things that makes no sense in the context of OMD, as Norman's whole motivation for coming back twenty years ago was that he was AVENGING HARRY'S DEATH. It's also his whole motivation for killing/kidnapping Mayday

Dan Slott tried to sweep this under the rug by having Mysterio, I kid you not, advise Norman to "method act" and mentally commit to the notion Harry was dead so he'd sound convincing to anyone he brought it up to.

Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
It would be interesting to know what Norman Osborn was up to during Regent's reign in RYV (assuming that he appears in the new series, that the new series is in continuity with the original miniseries, and that Osborn cheated death after "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" like he did in 616).

I reckon they could save Norman perhaps for a closing arc in the series, but I do wonder just where he was. Hobgoblin showed up in the original mini-series, and Peter mentioned Harry in the Spider-Verse prelude to RYV. I'm sure we'll get some version of the Goblin in the series, but it's strange to think Norman hasn't struck out at Annie given how long it's been since she was born in the new series....even Venom struck hard at the Parkers when Annie was an infant.

In MC2 (where Norman also cheated death) Peter was still Spider-Man for two more years after Mayday was recovered from Osborn's grasp by Kaine and Norman did'nt attack the Parkers then, but it was explained later Norman had successfully cloned Mayday and was planning to mess with Peter's head later in life by making him think he'd been raising a copy of his daughter and that the clone (which was a living symbiote weapon called Mayhem) would ultimately destroy him. Norman died for real before he could see this plan through.

The clone ended up redeeming herself and briefly became Mayday's partner fighting crime until her aggressive tendencies got the better of her and she started killing, and it led to her sacrificing herself to save Mayday and avert a bad future.

Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
If Marvel was going to bring the RYV Parkers into 616 in some fashion, I'd rather it go like what DC did for the Kents; have them living their own lives elsewhere in the world, maybe even kill of the OMD 616 versions of Peter and MJ and let the RYV Parkers take over as the main versions of the characters..
The thing about the Kents is it's being heavily implied they are the original versions anyway, which is why I brought up that Marvel ought to try a similar trick with the RYV versions so we could start repairing the damage to 616, as the 616 versions act nothing like Peter and MJ. Revealing them as fakes or the worst aspects of their personalities made flesh would go a long way to at least acknowledge there's a problem

I doubt Marvel will go that route of course, but I think it's the best option to win back the crowd.

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