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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
How did New 52 Superman fans react (I don't track DC that much)?
It's not gone well. A lot of them have made ageist comments towards Dan Jurgens (writer of Lois and Clark as well as Action Comics), and some have said pretty unsavoury things about the concept of the superkid Jon. It's even spilled over into hatred for the new Superwoman title because DC bait and switched the audience with promises of a N52 Lois-led book only to kill her off and replace her with Lana in the debut issue.

These people are pretty much a minority group though, given not many people cared about N52 Superman to begin with. The Superman books have been outselling the Spider-Man books by a considerable margin, always making the top ten.

I don't really know what the best answer is. I'm just saying that there are readers who'll be in the same boat as we are if OMD Spider-Man gets takes out of the equation. Because of that, I wonder if creating output targeted to both audiences is the best call over changing one to suite different audiences, since then the interests of one faction aren't being sacrificed for the other.
I reckon they could just make Parker Industries it's own alternate world and still go with RYV being the main one. Alternate Spider-Man books always sell big. Spider-Girl was an alternate book (though it had more legit claim as a natural continuation than anything in 616 does presently) and went twelve years...and Peter was barely Spider-Man in that!

Isn't top twenty pretty good in and of itself? (I don't know how comic sales really work that well.) Also thought that the official statement is that Slott's Spider-Man is doing good business. Also, if Slott was not turning in a selling product, wouldn't he have been canned already? Even if Marvel likes his stuff, they are first and foremost a business.
I just remembered ASM wasn't even in the top twenty in August, so yeah, there's that also.

I actually think the decision to put RYV forward has everything to do with how badly Slott's run is doing, not just because the original series was a success (and keep in mind, back when the first RYV series came out, it was pretty much the main Spider-Man book while the 616 volume took a summer break before relaunching). Marvel do not disclose digital sales either, but I've heard some rumblings about that too. ASM is in trouble, and a "stealth pilot" like RYV is required to see if the audience for the marriage can probably save it down the line.
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