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I'd want to see the Turtles and Casey hunting down Bebop and Rocksteady in the first act of the film when the Turtles come across the Purple Dragons and Hun played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The Purple Dragons team with Bebop and Rocksteady & decide to take over new york now that Shredder is out of the picture. The PD and B&R could be as the setup Villains of the movie as it builds up to a full on invasion from Dimension X.

For the final act have the Turtles learn from Bebop and Rocksteady that Shredder and Krang are returning to earth soon. The Turtles then hunt down Baxter and use his tech to build a Portal to take the fight to them and head to Dimension X. When the heroes arrive they see that Krang has Robo Foot Ninja and a Rock Soldier army ready for an invasion.

Now for the finally I'd have the final showdown be with a Mutated Super Shredder in the Technodrome portal room who is set to lead the army to earth. The Turtles of course need to stop the army from getting thru and get past Shredder as Donnie has set the drome to explode.
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