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Sony was very underwhelming... Just like last year, you think they have more to show, but it abruptly ends with Spider-Man again. They spent too much time with boring demonstrations rather than gameplay trailers that could have gotten the same point across in less time. The only real surprise was Resident Evil 2 and I'm very torn on it. Though, after seeing the gameplay trailer (which wasn't shown at the conference for some reason...) I think I'm feeling a little better about it.

While it's not exactly the direction I wanted with this specific game, it looks leagues better than 7. I swear, this is what 7 should have looked like because this looks so much more ideal for a modern Resident Evil experience. Hopefully the series continues in this kind of direction going forward and forgets 7 ever happened. I still think REmake 2 should have been done more like the first REmake, but given where the series is right now, I'll take it. I just hope Capcom nails the survival horror this time as they've never really been any good with that in the over the shoulder games or even 7 for that matter.
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