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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I was one of those original kids from the 80's who loved the original cartoon, movies, etc....and became a teenager when the 2k3 series was airing.

I was 16, or just turned 17, back in 2003 when the show started. As a teenager the show was everything I wanted, and I felt like the Turtles finally had a serious action show on par with Batman: TAS, etc.

A lot of you are forgetting the original fanbase like myself were teenagers when the 2k3 series was airing, so for those of us still interested in the franchise we watched it seriously. Some other teenagers were probably in the, "I need to outgrow cartoons" phase and for that reason didn't watch it.

Damn, I was only 15 when Volume 4 started in 2001. Jesus Christ I am getting old.
Cyber, you are not an 80's kid but a 90's one. 80's kids were teens during the 90's and in their 20's when the 2k3 aired.

For me, the 2k3 series is the most under appreciated nowadays. All you see is the 80's original series re-released in actions figures, clothing, complete DVD series. Things that I don't see for the 2k3. Nickelodeon has simply disowned that show. I know it lasted 7 seasons, but they are not making a comeback like the '87 original series is in merchandising.
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