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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What was wrong with MK4? If anything, I remember people being disappointed that the characters weren't photo-real anymore (something that made MK1-3 unique)... but the 3D combat was a nice evolution. So ridiculous that they stripped away the 3D gameplay and regressed things down to 2D after Armageddon. I think as things got into "Deception" and all that, it just got a little bit too much, I think. So many movesets, so much to keep track of. Plus by that point we'd all played enough MK that it didn't really seem that fresh anymore.
1) There was almost NO 3D gameplay in MK4.
The only 3D elements of the gameplay were sidesteps, which could be largely ignored and special throws, where cameras was flying around. The core of the MK4 gameplay was 2D and basically the same as in UMK3, just worse, because, developers had removed individual combos.

They had attempted to create system where people could create their own combos, but it only made apparent one BIG problem with MK original gameplay - all characters in the game (sans bosses) had the same gameplay. Unlike other fighting games, in MK characters hadn't major differences in height, speed and play styles (old MKs didn't had grapplers for example).

Individual combos, introduced in MK3 made this problem a little less glaring, but when they have been removed in MK4, it made apparent that the core gameplay of MK is VERY shallow, compared to pretty much every other fighting game on the market and that it was not evolving much.

As such, MK4 (deservedly) went down as one of the worst games in the series (bar Mythologies, Special Forces and MK Advance) and it was outclassed by pretty much every other fighting game at the market, in terms of variety, replayability and fun.

2) MK Armageddon was ****. In the bad way.
Fighting styles system introduced in Deadly Alliance was not perfect, but was step into the right direction to add individuality to the characters. Deception started stripping those individual elements by shortening movesets and given characters universal moves like in old MKs. MKA had completely **** all over styles by even more shortening movesets, randomly assigning styles to random characters and making styles generally look and feel the same, ironically making MKA as close to the 2D games as possible. Which was not good.

3) Returning MK games back to 2D was a right decision. MKDA-MKA gameplay were interesting experiments, but they had never worked properly and degraded with each subsequent game.
In case of MK - 3D was not an evolution, but more a detour, to jump on the bandwagon of the likes of Tekken. It had failed for many reasons.
MK9 and MKX finally gave MK what it had deserved - each character had their own unique fighting style, with their own quirks and gameplay overall was properly balanced, fun and didn't had things, which existed for purely existing, like weapons in MK4 or Areal Kombat in MKA.
2D or 3D it doesn't really matter, what matters is individuality of the characters and quality of the gameplay and both latest games had delivered these in spades.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
And the MK movies were never good. Movies about games that revolve around gruesome ways to murder your opponent -- Fatalities -- and they're all rated PG-13? How ridiculous. Why even make the movies, then?
First MK movie was fairly good for its time.
And lack of gore was not really that noticeable. And it was compensated by having fun characters and cool fights.
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