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Galactus will be interesting when it eventually happens.

When I think of him appearing in a movie, I want to see true existential terror. I mean, just seeing something of that size that "eats planets" should send ripples of terror down everyone's spine.

Of course, I'm afraid it will be somewhat handwaved. The effects of the snap were portrayed maybe better than I expected. But I guess I crave a certain amount of existential terror to go along with those types of situations, which isn't exactly the MCU's bag.

Really wouldn't take much though. Think of "2001: A Space Odyssey". Just the music and cinematography surrounding the scene in which our protagonists first encounter the "monolith". Sends chills of wonder & terror down my spine. Would love to see Galactus treated with that type of respect and reverence.

Here is the scene itself.

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