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Wow! I've been following Dustin Weaver's covers on the recent X-Men relaunch, but his work looks even better here. Both covers are great.

I'm excited for this fresh start, as it gives me a point to jump back on! I've been reading the last few issues and enjoying them, but I've also been, somewhat selfishly, hoping for a new direction for this book for a while. I love how successful it has been as what it does, but I'm just hoping for something that resonates with me a bit more. That said, I am glad to see that Tom and Kevin were involved with this story, as per the writing credits, and I wonder how much involvement they had. Probably just roundtable discussions, but I'm still curious. Also curious as to what they will be up to next.

Anyways, this is an exciting time for the book. Can't wait to see what other artists the main book may have lined up.

Artists I'd still love to see get a crack at this book (or at least a cover): Jerome Opena, Frank Quitely, Gabriel Ba, Greg Capullo. None of them probably come cheap, but I'm just having fun over here. In fact, the covers are one of my favorite things about the IDW series. There has been a lot of rotation and surprising artists popping up on them over the books run.

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