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Originally Posted by Zog View Post
The DLC fighter packs are $19.99 each, individual characters are $5.99, and the ultimate pack which includes all the dlc is $39.99. With this deal you could get the whole game plus all the dlc for $59.98, however if/when they release a "complete edition" my guess is that it would be $40-50. Or if you really just want to play as the TMNT buying the game with this deal plus just the characters would total to $25.98 as long as they follow the price trend.
Way too expensive. Wait 1 year for the collectors edition with all the DLC included for free to come out. Wait 6 months more and you could get it for $20 on amazon.

Unless you're a hardcore fighting game fan, you should never pick up a new fighter when it comes out. It's a waste of money, since they always add like 10 or so new fighters as DLC that are then added for free when they re-release the game.
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