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Originally Posted by Cure View Post
Name five times that has happened, with proof.
No thanks. I'm just stating that it wouldn't surprise me given how close the fan/creator relationship continues to grow. Things like Bioware creating a new ending for their videogame, online surveys.
There are developers/publishers out there who want to please consumers, or maybe they're just looking for the next big thing. That rumor got a lot of positive feedback, so why is it crazy to think WB would pursue lots of money?

In conclusion, I never said a rumor leading to a game had precedence. I said it wouldn't surprise me these days.

Originally Posted by sdp View Post

Anything can lead to an actual product, it's not "out there" to think a rumor can lead to a company doing market research and see that there's demand for a product. Not saying there'll be a rocksteady TMNT game, I don't see that happening as much as I'd want it to.
Oh, you said it better. Right on.
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