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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Wow, sometimes you forget how many classic franchises they've created and yet have either let die or ruined them forever. Looking at that list there are so many.

I voted Ace Attorney since it's a fun series, but Street Fighter or Mega Man would have likely been my answers had capcom not made me jaded the past decades. Street Fighter refuses to evolve and Mega Man hasn't been able to adapt to new generations. I still love SF & MM though.

A franchise I loved but now I care nothing about is Resident Evil, they just went too crazy with it over the last 15 years. A franchise i'd love to see come back is Dino Crisis, it had tons of potential but it's been dormant after the awful idea of DC3.
Mega Man is to Capcom what CastleVania is to Konami in the sense that both franchises have been milked to death by both companies. I don't even know how many MM and CV games there are out there, nor will I ever play those.

I've only played the classic Mega Man games, so I have no clue what MM games that came out after MM8 are like.

Street Fighter refuses to evolve in what sense, btw?

Another company that seems to let its franchises die is Sega. Virtua Fighter is pretty much dead as is Fighting Vipers. Not even sure if Daytona USA and Sega Rally still exist either.
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