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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
The last time Capcom did that with SF was with Street Fighter III... and that game wasn't exactly a commercial hit. It's no wonder they brought Chun-Li back in 3rd Strike in order to help give the game more interest.

Story? Most people don't play SF for the story but for the actual gameplay. As great as 3S is, it would have been even better if it had more familiar characters, imo.

I could do without characters such as T. Hawk, Dee jay, Balrog and Zangief, though. I don't like playing as them. But I don't like the idea of a SF game without Chun-Li or Cammy, for example. Or M. Bison. Then again, Chun-Li and Cammy are two of my favourite characters in the series, so ofc I'd miss them.

Even when they brought back Chun Li, I don't think it was enough. I loved Cammy, She is my all time favorite. Yes thong and all. For me, the SF3 era were dark times, they brought back Chun Li, but not the great Cammy?

Capcom learn its mistake and in the Alpha series, they made Cammy some what of a focus. Even being a hidden fighter in I think Alpha 2? Than when they made SF4, Cammy came back because Cammy won the fan voted contest on who they want in the first edition of SF. No votes for SFV. Cammy was there, and I think she looks the best in SFV. It really puts the SF4 look to shame.

I hardly played SFIII because of no Cammy. Outside of SF1, I follow the rule, Capcom does not get my money unless they put Cammy in. I only got the SFIII series as of late because the pack had all the classic games with Cammy. Trust me, if it was just SFIII, I am not buying.
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