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Originally Posted by The-Shredder View Post
And yes, "Junklantis" freezes at the moment where Donatello puts on the Garbageman's minion's helmet and the audio cuts out for the rest of the episode. I think the audio popped in randomly near the end, but I'm not sure.
Well... at least it didn't happen on a better episode?

Originally Posted by TheSkeletonMan939 View Post
Man, it kind of hurts to see Nickelodeon kick this show around like a can in the street.

It'd be illegal, but we oughta just design our own DVD menus and such and put up an ISO somewhere for people to burn to disc.

When the show is virtually unwatchable through legal means, I think it's justifiable to start pirating.
That's pretty much my stance too. I'll gladly pay for an official release, sometimes multiple times, but if the quality's this bad and it's available... elsewhere... I think it's totally fair to go with that.
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