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I would just like to clarify that some of the screenshots I took earlier from the Amazon video were from the downloaded WMV file I got from Amazon Unbox for PC, which is no longer available. However, you can still download Amazon videos to your mobile devices.

When streaming, some of those screenshots I took should be considered inaccurate of what you are actually going to get from Amazon. For example, the pixelated moonlight at the beginning of "Attack of the Mousers" from my previous screenshot is nowhere to be seen when streaming the video from the Amazon website or the Instant Video application (I used my PlayStation 3). However, that's because the first second or so of the downloaded video is a little pixelated and then returns to normal quality. However, the quality of the downloaded video is a lot better than what I got from streaming from the website. Too bad you can only download them on mobile devices now and not on PC. I didn't watch enough on the PlayStation 3 to see the difference.

Also, I wouldn't blame Nickelodeon for the quality issues with the show's release on Amazon Instant Video. I assume they just license it out to different services (iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play/YouTube, Vudu, Xbox Video, etc.) and the services handle the encoding for their own platform. Usually, there are bound to be small differences between them, but with Amazon, they put out a faulty release for the time being.
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