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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I think the difference is 2k3 started off with Mirage as a framework but quickly became its own thing. It was never intended to be a Mirage show, just loosely based on its concepts.
Cubed gets it!

Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Andrew I think you have too much Nostalgia for the Mirage comics.
I read Return to New York and seen the 2k3 episode I actually prefer the 2k3 adaptation over the original Mirage version. As far as City at War I did not enjoy at all that much. When I finally got to read the Mirage City at War I was incredibly disappointed, just a complete let down. I think my expectations was just to high
(bc of you and everyone else on here )

My point is I think you gripe too much about the 2k3 series as a whole. It is a kids show, there is no way they could do a faithful adaptation of the source material given it was aimed at a young audience and the network and others would not allow a more graphic depiction. Insane in the Membrane is proof of that. I think they did a pretty good job given the circumstance.(season (1-4))
What was it that you didn't like about the original version?
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