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I'm still playing daily. Yeah once you start getting into the later half of chapter 3 and into chapter 4 it becomes a struggle, because the enemies are going up at least 1 level per stage, and it becomes progressively more difficult to level up your own party members... takes 500, 600, 700 etc. mutagen PER LEVEL, PER CHARACTER... that takes a long time when you can only get 40ish per stage

just gotta chip away at it, bit by bit, and progress slowly. sadly that's just how mobile games are.

biggest bummer is the lack of variety of characters you can use. sure you can pay $$$ to unlock them fast but seriously, $50 USD for a 3 star character (which is not even the max star level)? FIFTY... DOLLARS... out of your friggin mind. Not happening.

Let's just hope they give lots of events to gain in game currency faster, and maybe have some very big discounts on the card packs then I might buy a few.

Unfortunately these Apps know how to make money and they are clearly making it... if you look around on youtube you will see videos of people opening tons of $50 packs in one sitting... $400+ in packs is not even hard to do, and many people have done it on youtube... O.o
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