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My soul this game....I agree w/ ninjinister about the DNA drops. Playing 3 times, getting no character drops and having to either wait for the level to respawn (which in itself is a joke...) or spend $50 in game to open it for another 3 chances is nuts.

If you are okay with spending A LITTLE money you can buy the 50 warp passes for $1.99 which lets you instantly re-finish stages you got 3 stars on to gather the materials from them. This way you can gain levels, enhance abilities and unlock more characters or character star levels a little faster. I usually don't mind spending a little money in games like this as long as they are fun and reasonably priced.

In most games like this I've seen, you rarely have access to deals that let you get that much of a boost for only $2. Take that for what you will.
Yeah...hardly worth it when it still consumes pizza.

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