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Commissions by Pedro Lajud (pl212)

Hey all!

As some of you might know, my buddy Pedro (pl212 on here) and I have been putting out some fan-made TMNT comics. His style and talent has always blown me away personally, so I urged him to consider to start taking commissions, if there was any interest. He's a full time worker, and as many of you artists on here know, it's hard to scrape up money for art supplies. If he can score some extra dough through his passion it would really help him out with future original idea endeavors.

Some time after we talked about it, Pedro got back to me and let me know that he was drawing and inking the 4 Turtles as "start up" pieces to get this off the ground. He can do whatever Turtle you want, any pose, just give him the details and he'll whip it up!

For immediate sale are:



Mikey (Bust, Colored)

Mikey & Donnie full body currently being inked!

These are/will all be done on 9 x12 bristol paper.

With time needed to draw/ink, etc. and supplies factored in, we thought that these prices would be fair, shipping included (prices have been lowered $5, but Pedro really can't afford to lower them any more if he's looking to actually make a profit - shipping alone is $5):

Full Body Portrait - $20

Full Body Portrait (Colored) - $25

Bust - $10

Bust (Colored) - $15

If anybody is interested, please PM either myself or Pedro (pl212). You can also e-mail him directly at:

If you need more samples of Pedro's work, click the "Dark Energy" banner in my signature.

Thanks for reading!

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