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Originally Posted by nickn View Post
^^^^ Hey that's really good. I will keep you in mind, I got some other things I need to pay for but I am starting up a nice TMNT Art binder, with some stuff from the TMNT Portfolios, Original art by a few people and maybe my sketch covers if I can get them to fit in there.

Keep up the good work, that shredder vs leo work is awesome man.
Thanks! Just send me an email or PM me whenever your ready

Originally Posted by Samhain View Post
That piece is sick. Great job.
Thank you sir!!

Originally Posted by Plasticplayhouse View Post
that is some really nice art pedro! i'm really diggin your shredder! what do you charge for something like that (2 characters and background)? keep up the great work!
PM sent!

Originally Posted by samg View Post
Piece looks amazing just not a huge fan of the beak looking nose.....
Must say the shredder looks great!

Originally Posted by Samhain View Post
Well, turtles have 'beaks', ya know.
Exactly lol

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