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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
The reason the first movie performed moderately well was because it was the first live action TMNT movie in 20 years, so we were curious to see a $100MM Turtle movie.

After seeing how craptastic is was, it's no surprise the second movie flopped. I only went to see the spectacle of Bebop/Rocksteady/Krang/the Technodrome on screen for the first time. The movie itself was trite.

What needs to happen in a complete reboot of the TMNT movie franchise, and hire a writer who at least knows that Mirage came first and watched Steve Barron's movie.

Hell, I'd be fine if Ciro wrote a movie.

Hollywood wants to see a successful TMNT movie?

Give it a $50-$75MM, scale back the nonsense, and adapt the first 3 issues and Raph micro as a trilogy. Kill Saki, let Baxter have his go, end it all with the Turtles in the transmat, and depending on the success of the three movies then kick off another set adapting Turtles in space.

Hellfire, even bring in Krang and the Technodrome as a rogue Oot wanting to cleanse the galaxy of anything Triceraton, including Earth for one time being home to ceratopsians or something.

Viacom could hire a group of us for pennies on the dollar and togethere we'd pound out a better TMNT movie than PD and their group of somehow-successful hacks.
I rather they look at the IDW comic, That is the TMNT of today, and it did a good job at getting all the elements from the previous versions right.
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