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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
You either hate the movie or you like it for what it is, this isn't a situation like The Next Mutation where editing could actually make the movie better IMHO.
How can you make a monstrosity like Next Mutation better? I like the sarcasm and puns and some jokes you get when yo are older like the first three films and the 1987 cartoon,but Next Mutation is plain out camp and I don't mean the enjoyable Adam West variety. You also cant cut out Venus and there is not enough footage of Shredder to keep him in it. Not to mean the corny voice over for his character.

Somewhat off topic,one thing I would like reedited,is Batman Forever. Cut out some of the neon, add more of the psychological study where Val Kilmer and Chase are talking and he says 'I killed them'. Also, digitally makeover Jim Caray in the final act. Then you got yourself a pretty good film.
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