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Originally Posted by kelligrafie View Post
It hasn't been that long since I re-watched some of the old 80's episodes and I have to say, either some of you are overdosing on nostalgia and are blinded to how capable the 80's turtles were as ninjas, or it has literally been 25 years since you watched an episode and your memories are hazy at best.

The 80's turtles were not mistreated in this crossover.

You have to think that not only did the 2012 turtles have to take on the villains, watch their own backs in a fight, they also had to keep one eye on the 80's turtles to protect them if and when the situation arose.

Because they were a serious hindrance at times. Their fighting skills were not up to speed with the 2012 dimension. And their involvement could have endangered the mission.

They weren't down at Timothy's level of being incompetent but they weren't capable of fighting 2012 villains.

You could probably argue that had 80's Shredder and Krang been as dangerous as their 2012 counterparts, it would've been a much different story. The 80's turtles would've been much better fighters because they would've had to be.

I'd say the 80's series got a gentle ribbing at best.

And I'll remind you that nobody ribbed the 80's series more than the 80's series itself. They poked fun at themselves all the time.
I tend to agree with you somewhat. I don't feel the NICK crossovers necessarily captured the 80s turtles entirely but I don't think it was necessarily done with disrespect either. I consider it a vast improvement over the treatment in Turtles Forever.

However, I think part of the issue is that the 80s series itself was inconsistent with the turtles' skills. In some episodes, they were goof balls that use the environment in simple slapstick but in other episodes, they are shown to be capable of escaping a death trap with their ninja skills, with Donatello essentially mentioning Leonardo's skills as being "a highly trained ninja master" at some point. So, it really did go back and forth. I'd say the crossover was accurate...for some episodes. Inaccurate for others.

I think what kind of rubbed me the wrong way is that while the turtles didn't necessarily use their weapons very often in some episodes, they had shown that they knew HOW to (i.e. Leonardo has used his katana to cut/slice/attack before) and I think the training montage poked fun of that a bit much. That being said though, again, I don't see it done with utter disrespect. *shrugs* That may just be me.
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