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Welp, I finally watched this episode. It was....okay? I prefer the first crossover more. I liked the references and stuff made, but the 87 Turtles felt a bit off to me...mostly the fact that they don't apparently know how to use their weapons when they used them in the original series. I mean, in the first episode when they were fighting the Foot, they didn't know they were robots until Raphael stabbed one and Leonardo sliced the other. I can buy that they would have trouble fighting 2012 villains and physics differences, but not knowing how to use their weapons seemed kind of forced, even if they were poking fun at the fact that it got to the point in the original series where they had to use alternative ways of fighting, especially after the show started airing on CBS Saturday morning.

So yeah, other than that, the ep was just okay for me.
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how can the shows biggest fan have missed this simple fact, when someone who's only seen most episodes only once caught on?
Yeah, this baffles me. This was one aspect from the other crossover that I disliked. They changed Krang's origin story slightly just so it could fit in with this series. Cubed is completely blind.
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