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Good summary so far, but you kinda left out my favorite part.

Black Nerd asks about Mikey's evolution so far. He mentions that at the beginning he seemed really jokey, but in season 2 he's a lot more taking charge to which Greg replies "It's a natural evolution~" because he learns from his brothers, there are a lot of big fights so he's bound to gain wisdom while still being the Mikey we know and love at heart. "Free, wild, in love with life."
Greg then says that we'll continue to see Mikey evolve and grow as a warrior. Especially when something happens to his brothers Mikey is always there, covering their backs.

Ciro then says that Mikey has always been like that, he doesn't need to be so strict on himself. He literally says "He's totally open, he's more enlightened and in the flow." He also says because things come easy to Mikey, he likes to goof of a little.

Greg comments that Ciro always makes sure that Mikey is the best fighter, that he gets the sweetest moves, saying "he's almost dancing". They want Mikey to balance the team out and so they make him more loose with his dialogue.

Greg then sums it up with: "Mikey is the ultimate ninja."

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