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I'm glad that Ciro mentioned them wrapping up the Krang storylines. I think a lot of us are sick to death of seeing them. Myself included.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
My man, you're the one who's quick to judge. & what if that were the case? Some countries don't have great internet, some folks can't afford the good internet made available to them, others exceed their download limits. Poverty is funny to you?
It is when you overreact about it. Because not being able to afford good Internet really counts as "poverty".

Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Prob sounds terrible to say, but can't decide if I find Cipes hilarious or annoying after too long. lol
I agree with the latter slightly. You can only say "rad" so many times before it starts to grate.

Originally Posted by Leofan26 View Post
Leo reborn kind of? Besides the new VA, wonder what they mean by that?
I think they mean voice artist, i.e. Seth Green taking over the voice of Leo for season 3.

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