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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
part of me hope they do end up together, but i know their relationship has always been doomed to fail. they are both far too damaged!
but that's another reason why they've always clicked, even if it is only momentary.

i contemplated picking this issue up, but just flipped through it quickly and put it back down.
Tom King's dialog is just too stiff and robotic for me to take seriously.

it's really a shame that Paul Dini wasn't able to pick back up where he left off with 'Heart of Hush'.


unlike King, Dini is a writer who really knows how to write dialog and capture emotion!
I did pick it up and its the only story I have read in Rebirth that features Batman. That is why it was disorienting to me. I am all for it. It's just hard to get past what lead to it being in character for Bruce Wayne. Is it in character to propose to Selina Kyle? Yes. Its just the way it happened. There have been worse events and more personal things between them like Heart of Hush that would have made it a better epilogue. Sure,Bruce would go through the time warp and New 52, so perhaps that is why it did not happen then,but it would have been the perfect follow up in a contained narrative. Any chance this could inspire Mr. Grayson and Ms. Gordon? I know, I know,probably not and one married couple is lucky in Gotham if even that,but one can hope,right?

When talking about it doomed to fail, who is this death that King mentioned in the above linked interview from the time Vol.3#5 came out?
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