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Originally Posted by Peanut
On a more overall Nintendo related note. I love playing as Luigi in SM64 DS, it just me, or does anyone think Luigi deserves to have his own REAL game. I'm talking a platformer, or just an adventure game, maybe even an RPG, where he's the main character. Focus on Mr. Green for a bit. Super Luigi 64 DS? A new game staring Luigi on the SM64 engine? Paper Luigi? A story driven RPG about everyones favourite Green plumber? I say it's about time to stop shoving Luigi out of the picture, and make him at least semi equal with Mario.
I could not agree with you more. Unfortunately, being experimental has been too common a theme for Nintendo as far as GC goes. Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion...And hell, look at the DS. Nintendo is far too intent on doing stuff that nobody has done before to realse something that safe.
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