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Originally Posted by Raph's Girl View Post
From the official TMNT site:


"Nightmares Recycled"

Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Senior Supervising Director: Roy Burdine

Written by Roland Gonzalez


Raph, Don, Casey, and April’s evening salvage operation lands them a one-way ticket to Recycle World – the Garbageman’s deadly realm of refuse! As if fighting for their lives in a world of lethal compactors and shredders wasn’t bad enough, they’ve got to do it all with Hun – who’s not thrilled to reveal that he and Garbageman have something in common – DNA!

NOTE: This episode was never completed. The script was finished and some animation had begun when 4Kids pulled the plug because it was deemed too controversial for a children's program (apparently Hun and the Garbageman were going to be conjoined twins that were surgically separated at birth).

Raph's Girl note:
4Kids execs "OMG! Oh noooose!!! conjoined twins surgically seperated at birth!! It's *gasps* controversal!! Noooo!! We can't show that!!"

Anybody who's ever seen "CatDog": ".........."
actually you should be blaming BSMP
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