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I wish I didn't have a third post in a row, but I still have something new, depicting the moments after Temre was dropped on the exhaust pipe that burned her.

She had been leading a protection squad for some researchers on a dangerous planet, of whom Obligado was part of (who probably could have made a pretty good protector on his own), and she was attacked by one of the aliens she should have been capable of fighting off (which would be something like the mutated Gollum Raptors from Mirage vol 4) She was picked up off her walker, and did manage to get away. However, she had been dropped on researcher's habitation system exhaust pipe and was severely burned. The other soldiers chased it off while Obligado - and his companion Nalmar - were looking after her while proper medics were alerted.


And a mini-story to pair with it. I think the first I've done on here
In the moment the creature dropped her, Temre barely felt the intensity of being dropped on the hot exhaust pipe. In a split moment, she felt the heat singe her skin, and hardly had time to scream before everything in her sight flashed bright white.

The next thing she knew, she had been pulled away. Someone was holding her. She could feel something trickling down her scalp; she could not begin describe the pain in her side. Other than it was the worst she had ever experienced. It was painful to even attempt to breathe. "Temre?" She struggled for a moment to recognize the voice; she noticed the tentacle wrapped under her. It was familiar. The voice was familiar; she just couldn't put a name to it. "Temre can you hear me?"

Temre fought for a breath; the dryness in her skin intensified; she could smell burning flesh. And blood. She finally screamed.
"Nalmar!" Even in her pain, Temre finally put a name to the voice. Obligado!
"I'm coming!" Someone else called. "I couldn't get the water to warm up!"
Temre managed to look around, and saw Nalmar stumbling out of the research dome. She was carrying some damp towels. Nalmar gently laid a tentacle over her, passing one of the towels to Obligado, who laid it over the top of her scalp. She gasped at the coldness of it, and she was suddenly aware of punctures in that area - particularly one going deeper than the others. "Hold on, now..." Nalmar gently brushed her face before laying another over her side. Temre balked and slightly spasmed.
She had expended all her energy; she couldn't find the strength to scream again. Instead, she clutched Obligado's tentacle and sobbed.
"Help is on the way." Obligado gently assured her.
Temre gulped, unable to move her tentacles to rub the tears off her face. She couldn't even attempt to speak. Instead, the white flash returned to her vision, and she weakly sank to the ground, blacking out once again.
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