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Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
Honestly, the Flash Forward premise could work. I mean, I guess it'd be like TMNT 3 but... with a solid writer, there could be alot of fun to be had with it.
Fast Forward did work as a premise, the main problem is they glossed over the stuff they should have been covering. Then filled it with stuff like Triple Threat, or giving the story to many plots to follow, as Darius Dun, Torban Zixx, and Shokanabo.

They really should have followed the Turtles exploring the city and learning what sort of contributions to the way it is in that time line. After all, just because Donnie becomes a founder of O’Neil Tech and some of what he created made the city what it was. That doesn’t make his brothers and father chopped liver in comparison. But aside from the New Turtle Titan (Grandson of Silver Sentry) there really isn’t anything about what influences the others had.

What really could be done is have the story introduce the Turtles to the Audiance. They don’t need to do too much, but they could have just an opening from one of the Turtles or even April. This introduces the Turtles enough so people who have not followed any of the shows would have an idea of who the characters were. And still have it cater to the people who do follow the franchise without giving the tired origin story about how they met April and or Casey and became heroes.
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