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I'm Sagittarius, the Archer. Mine is rhe sign of the centaur, traditionally known to be unsurpassed hunters and wise teachers. Jupiter is my ruling planet. We are- flexible, resourceful, adaptable and quick to learn, but changeable and can become swayed from their purpose easily. We are also active, energetic, self-sufficient, idealistic, courageous and dynamic, with initiative, vision and a need to be in charge.

Sagittarius is the wanderer, explorer and truth-seeker of the Zodiac. Inherantly exuberant and enthusiastic, with an inquiring mind captivated by the world and everything in it. The hallmarks of a Sag's existance are knowledge and independence. Restless nature, passion for variety and change, needing a lot of freedom to pursue their many interests. Enjoys travelling to exotic places, meeting new people. Equally at home in the outdoors or the classroom.

Sagittarians are known for intelligence, foresighr, and intuition. They value justice and are very protective of those weaker than themselves. They are full of grand intentions, but better at starting projects than finishing them. Sometimes looses interest before the project is complete. Gamblers and risk-takers by nature. This can be a oroblrmem if they overextend themselves financially. Overconfidence can also be an issue. However they are lucky and resourceful, so if they fall they usually get right back on their feet.

Sags love to party, and are socially active. Outgoing, playful and flirtatious. As lovers they are charming, affectionate, straightfirward and sincere. However, idealism, love of independence, and an innate nature as a hunter can lead them astray in pursuit of someone more appealing.

Interestingly, I spent a large part of my childhood on camping trips, and even learned archery as an outdoor hobby. Still have my bow even though I've not used it in years. I enjoyed endless hours hiking and learning about wild flora and fauna of the places we travelled to. Enjoyed fishing, swimming and biking as well. I an also an insatiable reader and will delve into a particular subject as deep as I can if it interests me.
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